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The Flexibility of Reusable Contact Lenses

If daily disposable contact lenses are not the best choice for you……how about lenses for general every day wear? 

Reusable lenses last beyond one day use.  Instead of disposing of them at the end of each day, you clean and store them in a contact lens case until you’re ready to wear them again and again, for up to 2 weeks or 1 month depending on the lens design.

At Vision Care opticians reusable lenses are available in fortnightly and monthly variants across many popular brands such as Acuvue,  Air Optix and more!


Benefits of Reusable Contacts

For frequent users they are more cost effective than dailies – especially when you wear your contacts every day.

Like their daily counterparts, reusable , frequent-use lenses offer great UV protection and are specially made to allow oxygen to pass through to your eyes, allowing to keep the eyes looking white and fresh.

Hydrogel crafted lenses will also keep your eyes moist, improving comfort to the degree that you can experience a “no lens feeling”.

As these frequent replacement contact lenses are made of stronger materials, they are a versatile way of meeting more complex prescriptions and astigmatisms.

Fortnightly and monthly lenses can offer a wider range of prescription powers than dailies.  So, if your prescription places you out of the range for daily lenses but you still require vision correction and don’t fancy wearing glasses, monthly contact lenses may be the right choice for you.

The only real downside to reusable contact lenses when compared to dailies, is that you would need to clean your lenses and store them in a contact lens case.

At Vision Care opticians, we can not only advise you on the best contact lens solution to use with your lenses, we can seamlessly include your solutions and cases with your contact lens orders.  In fact, when ordered together contact lens cases are free.