Digital Retinal Photography

When you visit Vision Care Opticians, Bridge Street, Omagh, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of some of the most advanced optical equipment and eye care techniques including the digital retinal camera.

We, at Vision Care, have installed the latest, top of the range Nidek Digital retinal camera at our Bridge Street practice. This allows us to take photographs of the back of your eyes (the retina) and enables us to carry out a far more detailed examination than was previously possible.

The images we take are similar to the ones below and our experienced optometrists can use these to diagnose the health and condition of your eyes.

Retinal screening can check for glaucoma, diabetes, haemorrhages, retinal tears, naeveus,   macular degeneration, high blood pressure and others. These conditions commonly affect hundreds of thousands of people in the UK.  The sooner they are detected the sooner we can suggest a solution.

This retinal examination is comfortable and the image is captured in just seconds using flash photography, nothing touches the eye.  We then have a permanent and accurate record of the condition of your eyes stored on computer allowing us to compare images and look for any changes year after year, which could prove to be invaluable in monitoring your eye health.



Normal fundus photographs of the right eye (left image) and left eye (right image), seen from front so that left in each image is to the person’s right.

Each fundus has no sign of disease or pathology. 

The gaze is into the camera, so in each picture the macula is in the centre of the image, and the optic disc is located towards the nose.  Both optic discs have some pigmentation at the perimeter of the lateral side, which is considered normal.

The left image (right eye) shows lighter areas close to larger vessels, which is regarded as a normal finding in younger people.